Hello world!

This, very briefly, is “Thing 1” for the MSc module Theory and evaluation of elearning:

I have spent half my career in Manufacturing as Electronic and Quality Engineers, and half in Education as a Tutor, Divisional Manager and more recently in eLearning. My present role is Learning Technology Development Manager for Edge Hill University.

I enjoy motorcycling with my mates, amuse myself playing the guitar and thoroughly enjoy being a Dad, Step-Dad and Granddad.

My present responsibilities involve heading up a team of extremely talented Learning Technologists. This includes managing the facilitation and guidance of technology uptake in the support of Higher Education, and ensuring the provision of reliable supporting technology services.


About mark8n

Facilitator of Learning Technology adoption and integration. Dad, Granddad and Motorcyclist.
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2 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Got your web link, Mark and have added it to the blogroll. Thanks. Shout if you need anything…

  2. ann harris says:

    Hi Mark sorry not to meet you last weekend. Good to know you are surrounded by ‘extremely talented Learning Technologists’ in your working life as well as enjoying the richness of this MSc community. We have a lot to learn from our peers.

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