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On the subject of semiotics, in my search for interesting web-sites I found that many of search results when Googling “semiotics” returned pages full of writing! Moving this search from “Web” to “Images” gave a much more interesting selection, and from that wealth of visual stimulation I found these especially interesting…

My first site of interest is a blog entry that studies semiotics, and asks thought provoking questions about how semiotics are used in advertising. It considers semiotics in both still images and video:
Becoming a Cultural Detective: Doing Visual Analysis

This recently set up blog takes a more artistic stance on semiotics. There are some interesting representations that sometimes use combinations of iconic, indexical and symbolic representation:
Blog: Design by definition

I like this blog entry for the richness of symbolism, interpretation and visual puns that made the 1970’s the decade for album covers. Art like this needs the space that CD cases just couldn’t provide and permanence that down-load sites can only dream of:
The Semiotics of Classical LP Cover Art (ca. 1970), or, When Things Started to Get Fun

And finally the humorous side of semiotics:
Funny Signs and Bizarre Billboards


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