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Add-ons for Google Docs and Sheets is a fantastic new addition to Drive. See these Add-ons for Google Docs and sheets and how you can use them with students

Mark Ayton‘s insight:

Are you using Google Docs with your learners or considering trying it out, maybe for a project or assignment, or just because you’re feeling inspired? Here’s a new Google Docs drop down menu that should help!

Add-ons provide a whole new set of easy to use features, like Diagram production, Thesaurus, Language translation, Bibliography creator, Templates, Mind maps, Charts from Google spreadsheet data, Music notation, Clip-art, Calculator, Twitter curator to name but a few.

Check them out, they really should make learning activity creation a breeze!

One caution: if your institution is has its own Google domain you may need to get your administrator to release this feature.

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